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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most dynamic aspects of digital marketing since Google is always upgrading its ranking algorithm to improve user experience. That implies that marketers have the chance to reassess the SEO trends impacting the search engine environment each year.

This 2023 is focused on demonstrating knowledge and value in our content and continuing to serve users with high-performing web pages. These methods have always been significant in the history of SEO, but Google is becoming more adept at assessing signals and identifying whether material meets these requirements.

Let’s learn and understand the SEO trends and how we can implement in our strategy.

1. The new “E” in EEAT)

Last December 2022, Google’s popular EAT acronym, (Expertise, Authority, Trust) has gotten an additional E: Experience. Google will now use the author’s or creator’s experience when determining the quality of material. So, what exactly does “experience” imply? Google is looking for content creators that have firsthand, real-world expertise with the issue being covered.

So what does “experience,” actually mean? Google wants to see that a content creator has first-hand, real-world experience with the topic discussed.
For example, as the founder of an SEO agency, I have real-world experience and can speak authoritatively on SEO trends that will arise in 2023. However, If I were to create a piece of content on a health website about common causes of heart disease, that would undermine the quality of the content, because I am not a medical professional and have no experience in healthcare.
That means more websites need to take a closer look at not just who their content creators are, but what topics they’re focusing on.

What to do?

When creating and growing personal brands, you should be more attentive and careful. The new reality necessitates not only developing your professional competence but also informing individuals and search engines about it. Participate in public events in your specialty and take part in conferences, interviews, podcasts, and other activities that will help you and your brand become well-known. This is also true for your content creators’ personal branding.

It takes time to build a personal brand. Actually, quite a bit of time. If you don’t want to devote a lot of time and effort in brand management, you can also outsource the development of professional content. But don’t delay – outsourcing content development will almost surely become more expensive than it is currently.

2. Audience-targeted content, rather than traffic-targeted material

One reason for this growing focus on experience is the proliferation of SEO content development. However, if a website selling insurance publishes blog entries with self help articles, Google crawlers will get suspicious. Because, does such content serve the intended audience of insurance customers? Or does the website’s ranking for particular high-volume keywords help? 

The fact is that businesses that pursue search traffic with little or no regard for what people genuinely desire are unlikely to achieve ranking success in 2023. It is critical to stay within your broad subject and industry boundaries while developing rank-worthy content.

3. Video Marketing

Another SEO trend to watch in 2023 is video marketing. More than half of all customers use videos to help them make shopping choices.

With more people viewing videos, you should include it in your SEO approach if you haven’t previously. Google is also developing technologies to help consumers access information more quicker via videos.

The following are the new focus features:
Skin Secrets Youtube

You may use these two new tools to improve your movies so that they show in search results for more relevant and competitive phrases.

How to Implement?

Begin by introducing more video onto your sites. Users spend 88% more time on sites that have videos, so including them in your content may help increase engagement, rankings, and traffic. Make careful to use extensive, keyword-rich markups for the clip and seek markups.

If you make a film on cellulite reduction advice, don’t title your markups “tip 1,” “tip 2,” and so on. Use markups like “natural ways to reduce cellulite” and “non-invasive procedure to reduce cellulite” instead.

These unique markups boost your chances of ranking in relevant searches and increasing interaction with your videos.

4. SEO Automation

As digital marketers continue to use the power of business SEO software platforms and solutions, more and more SEO tasks, including content AI, will be automated in 2023.

As an example:

Keyword research tools may automate operations that used to involve a significant amount of human spreadsheet effort.

DMC keyword research

You may use these two new tools to improve your movies so that they show in search results for more relevant and competitive phrases.

Site auditing and monitoring solutions such as SEMRUSH may discover modifications and technical faults on websites automatically.

Website graders can assist those that are unfamiliar with SEO in identifying and prioritizing necessary adjustments.

Tools You need For and SEO Audit

5. Product Page SEO

As Google continues to favor long-form, informational material, sites with sparse content, such as product pages, may benefit from offering more helpful details on the page in 2023.

Drop-down menus, FAQs, and customer reviews are all examples of methods to supplement the material on a product page. Although include keywords in the product description is beneficial, consider additional queries that customers may have about the product before purchasing.

Heaven Lust gummies product

These are just a few examples of how to add more material to a website that is truly useful and educational for consumers who are thinking about making a purchase.

6. SEO Competitor Analysis

Looking to competitors has always been a smart approach to develop SEO strategy, and with the assistance of SEO tools, competition research will become much simpler and more successful in 2023.

As Google puts a greater focus on industry knowledge and website “subject areas,” looking at thought leaders in your business will be a guaranteed approach to determine what sorts of material in your sector will rank.

SEO competitor software may help you compare competitors’ content, backlinks, Domain Authority, and more.

Examine how your rivals develop experience, competence, authority, and trustworthiness through on-page and off-page signals, and apply those findings to your own SEO initiatives and content strategy. Learn more about keyword competitor analysis in our guide.

Benchmark your rankings and check your competitors

7. Less crawl frequency

Google has announced ambitious climate objectives, including the use of carbon-free electricity by 2023. Google has been exploring lowering the frequency with which it crawls web pages in order to reach this aim.

Reduced crawling saves processing resources and is one of the simplest adjustments Google can make to support its environmental objectives.

Reduced crawl rates, on the other hand, are more likely to affect refresh crawls than crawls that find new information. This implies that Google may take longer to detect any modifications we make to our websites.

That is why, in 2023, optimizing your content from the start with all of the on-page features it will need to rank is the best strategic decision.

On-Page SEO

8. Fast-loading, High-performing Websites

Google’s ranking system has prioritized high-performing, fast-loading websites since the page experience upgrade in 2021.

Although the page experience upgrade may seem to be outdated, Google did not complete its rollout until March 2022, and it will continue to tweak the signals it uses to decide if a website is genuinely high-performing for people.

Page Speed Insights and Core Web Vitals will still be critical tools for monitoring and analyzing website speed and performance in 2023.

Along with content quality, prioritizing page speed improvements would undoubtedly benefit companies by increasing keyword ranks for all of their domain’s web pages.

Page load speed

9. Voice search optimization

Voice search is getting more popular, and it is expected to expand much more by 2023. Optimizing your website for voice search implies using long-tail keywords and natural language in your content; this will guarantee that voice search engines can easily discover your information.

To summarize, SEO principles are and will continue to be critical for marketing success. While technology evolves at a quick pace, many essential characteristics stay virtually unchanged: content quality, page speed, links/backlinks, responsive design, voice search optimization, and more.

10. Featured snippets are everywhere

These are the boxes of results that often appear above the number one spot on the SERP. They are information chunks derived from sources that Google considers will be most beneficial for the search intent. This may be bullet lists, how-tos, tables, or just one or two phrases. Passage ranking or indexing is the process of ranking components in the highlighted snippet. These snippets may be influenced by a variety of elements, including the existence of pictures, the relevancy of the <h2> tag, the length of the paragraph, and whether or not anchor text was utilized.

Companies may benefit greatly from being mentioned in these sections. It’s a strategy to boost your organic click-through rate to 8.6% without having a good page ranking. They are, nonetheless, vital to consider since they boost the amount of “no-click” searches. This signifies that the viewer did not click on any of the search results since the highlighted snippet supplied all of the necessary information. Before undertaking keyword research, examine whether or not the search result has a featured snippet. An answer box appears in 12.29% of search searches, and their existence is known to diminish the amount of clicks obtained by other search results.


Look for information gaps in the “people also asked” areas.

Use tools such as Link Assistant to conduct keyword research into gaps that will help you appear in featured snippets.

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