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Based on estimated statistical data by Internet Live Stats: there are more than 1.9 billion websites, more than 3.5 billion Google Chrome searches every day, and an estimated 350,000 tweets sent each minute.

In this vast digital universe, the biggest challenge is to capture the reader’s attention and interests. Effective website design and development is the key to beating the statistics. Websites that are on the top of search results and holding readers’ attention, will most likely be on the top of the ‘digital world food chain’.

There are so many characteristics of making effective website development, hard to say it cannot be covered all in here, however, here are some notable characteristics in order to make sure your website gets the attention it deserves:


The first impression is vitally important and long-lasting, and it only takes a tenth of a second to form a judgment or perceived cognition based on our natural inclinations. A website should be pleasantly captivating, interestingly attractive and professional. At the onset of clicking your site, you need to capture the audience’s emotional and mental side to instill a psychological craving impact, making them visit your website, and wanting for more.

Here are some aspects to consider to have an attractive and appealing homepage website namely: right color, use the proper and professional kind of color based on your company’s color motto or format is enough to convey company professionalism; readable text, by selecting the type and color of the font that balances with its other aspects can convey a quality design; substantial graphics, visual perspective, and appeal helps the fonts convey a meaningful content; and high-quality photography, to get high-end visual appeal is to use top of the line photography where images are crisp with high-detailed pixels.

2.Web Content

Substance and style are essentials in making meaningful content. Your audience is searching for data that is relevant and informative, use this leverage to increase your reader’s trust and confidence. Some considerations to watch out for in making an effective web content such as concise and organized, updated, responsive and hiring the professionals:

Concise and organized. Nowadays we are living in a fast lane lifestyle, and you have less than 10 seconds to capture your reader’s attention. Clearly labeled topics with subtopics, having small paragraphs is important;

Updated. Having your website regularly updating will entice more readers to visit more often.  One way of engaging your visitors through your upgrades is by giving them the opportunity to download premium content in exchange for an email address or capturing a lead. A downloaded content means an expression of interest and open leverage to give them more valuable content moving forward to nurture them through to the sale;

Responsive. Successful websites are responsive websites. A responsive website has flexible designed options for its visitors like it changes in its layout to fit the device and browser size like PC monitor or mobile phone.

Hiring professionals. Consider hiring professional writers to write or edit your text content. A certified, trusted and expert technical writer who can make a write-up specialization from technical jargon to specialized subjects can enhance and entice more informative content.

3.Usefulness and Usability 

This is often the neglected component of a website. Quality-wise websites are simple to read, you can navigate fast and easy to understand. Several key elements are required to deliver a functional and versatile website like simplicity, fast-loading pages, minimal scroll, consistent layoutprominent and logical navigation, and cross-platform/browser compatibility.

4.Updated  with Modern Technology

To be in the digital business means updated and always keeping up with the latest trends and technology. Build a website that supports the latest digital hardware in the field of mobile phones, computers, and electronic gadgets. Fluid and responsive web design are essential elements for modern websites.

5. Scalability

A modern website should be adaptable to support its visitors. Scalable in different user interfaces, both in front-end and back-end databases, services and API’s. Moreover, the site should be highly versatile in any screen resolution and can operate on any platform while being cross-browser compatible.


With a vast number of hackers and crackers, security has always been an issue. The website should be able to follow industry standards, guidelines and be upgraded to the latest security protocols. Websites who are most protected and safe have security features like keeping software up to date, watching out for SQL injection, protecting against XSS attacks, being wary of error messages, validating on both sides, checking your passwords and getting website security tools.

7.Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

Search engine optimization is too wide and complex to be discussed here. However, for the sake of mentioning the topic since it is essential for website development and there are hundreds of rules and guidelines and we can name some like always Include written contents in HTML format, don’t use Flash, JavaScript or image-only objects for your navigational items, HTML codes should be clutter-free, frequent usage of important keywords in your copy, and always leverage your links.

We’ve barely covered the tip of what makes a website most effectively. However, by following these common characteristics, you will be headed in the right direction.

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