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ProFloors & Cabinets is a locally owned and operated full service residential and commercial flooring and cabinet provider. They deliver premium customer service and high quality products including American made flooring and cabinets to Southwest Florida. They supply and install every kind of flooring, provide remodeling, flooring removal and cabinets for baths and kitchens.

ProFloors & Cabinets was part of a flooring cooperative of more than 500 independent retailers. They decided to do things on their own and approached Digital Marketing Concepts to collaborate on digital marketing. The company new website and build their own brand.

2018 ProFloors and Cabinet

The Challenge

ProFloors & Cabinets is looking to start from the ground up with their branding and marketing. They must establish a positive reputation in the community and identify potential clients in Southwest Florida.


Information Architecture

The project manager at Digital Marketing Concepts researched and arranged the product category for ProFloors & Cabinets. We consolidated the items to make the site’s navigation quicker and cleaner by categorizing them and categorizing them by brand to improve information architecture. We worked side by side with the client to organize, structure, and build the site in order to establish standards and specifications for our conceptual model, which we presented to them. This collaboration was required in order to provide website visitors with a unified, coherent, and consistent experience.

Interface Design

To improve the site’s design, layout, usability and user experience we did the following:

On-Site SEO

A scalable technical foundation has been implemented for ProFloors & Cabinets, allowing their material to be discovered, crawled, indexed, and rated at a significantly faster rate. Custom post types, dynamic XML sitemaps, crawl rate optimization, clean URL structures, and dynamic schema markup are all examples of what is included.

Link Building

In our bigger SEO plan for ProFloors & Cabinets, outreach for link development is a critical component. To this day, various link building activities have generated a snowball effect, in which ProFloors & Cabinets is earning links organically from the material we’ve created, as well as from other earned links, as a result of our work.

Social Media Marketing

Increase Brand Awareness Through Social Media

Increase your company’s brand awareness by using social media. As a fast expanding company, ProFloors & Cabinets lacked brand recognition in many of its new markets, which limited the company’s ability to attract new customers to their products. We develop content that elicit responses from users, resulting in more shares and new connections. Writing, posting, and analyzing social media articles and campaigns were some of our responsibilities.

Local Exposure

Get the business listed in major 100 local listing with updated information such as business name, address, phone number, business hours, social media accounts, list of services and products.
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