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Email Marketing

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Contrary to everyone’s knowledge, Email Marketing has been around for a long time. And it is there for a good reason. It’s known to be the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers, consistently winning out over all other marketing channels. This strategy won’t really last if you don’t have the
right message to get across your leads.

Why Email Marketing?

There are many reasons to add an Email Marketing plan to your overall marketing strategy. Email is one of the most efficient, direct communications channels. Studies show that as many as 95% of consumers check their email at least once a day. Yes, daily. Many consumers have chosen to go paperless, so they check daily for online shopping transactions, bank transactions, work transactions, and others.

While you are using your website as a window into your world, Email Marketing is your chance to invite the customer into your world. Recent studies have shown that email marketing may have been 200% and 500% ROI. Email marketing is a relatively small cost for a big payoff.

Allow Digital Marketing Concepts to help you set up an Email Marketing Plan. Not just the occasional random sales email, but a comprehensive plan that is easy to follow and effective. Our highly well-trained team will help you get Emails sent at the time when YOUR customers are most likely to open them. We will help you to choose headlines that are proven to get more emails opened and read. Plus we will help you create content that will convert your emails to web leads or phone calls. Our experience will convert your blah emails to provide great Return on Investment.

What Makes a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

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Personalization and Great Creatives

Marketing emails need to be personalized to the reader and filled with interesting graphics. Few people want to read emails that are addressed “Dear Sir/Madam” — as opposed to their first or last name — and even fewer people want to read an email that simply gives them a wall of text. Visuals help your recipients quickly understand what the point of the email is.

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Responsive Design

Effective email marketing campaigns are designed for all devices on which users can read their emails — desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Email campaigns that are designed for mobile devices are especially important — a quality known as “responsive design.” 73% of companies today prioritize mobile device optimization when creating email marketing campaigns.

Why Choose DMC as your Email Marketer?

We are what we claim we are. With our expertise, you can get your email list out in no time! We have effective strategies for your Email Marketing needs.

Email is simply the best way to make sales online. So if you are ready to talk to us for your non-obligatory consultation, call us on 239-244-2009Digital Marketing Concepts will be ready to help you with your Email Marketing needs!

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