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Recent changes in the metrics for your Google Business Profile (GBP) may have caused some concern as you’ve observed a noticeable decline in your statistics. However, this decrease doesn’t necessarily indicate a reduction in your business’s online performance or visibility. In fact, the adjustments made by Google are designed to provide a more accurate reflection of genuine user interest and engagement. Here’s an enhanced explanation to clarify these developments:

Understanding GBP Views

GBP views, also referred to as impressions, represent the number of times users interact with your GBP listing. These views are critical indicators of your listing’s visibility on Google and play a significant role in local search rankings. Both businesses and service providers, like Reputation, monitor these views closely as they reflect the digital footprint of a business.

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Google's Update on GBP View Tracking

In February 2023, Google implemented a new method for counting GBP views:

Old Method:

Previously, multiple views of the same listing by the same user in any given period were counted as separate unique views.

New Method:

Now, multiple views by the same user within a 24-hour window are consolidated into a single unique view. Whether a user visits your GBP once or multiple times in a day, it only registers as one view for that day.

Why Is This Change Beneficial?

Although your statistics might show a decline, this new method provides a more truthful measurement of user engagement. Here’s why this change is advantageous:

Searches, visits and direction requests counting

How do I increase my Google Business profile views?

Increasing views on your Google Business Profile (GBP) is crucial for boosting your local search visibility and attracting more customers. Here are effective strategies to enhance the visibility and engagement of your GBP:

1. Optimize Your Profile Information

2. Post Regularly

Google Business Profile Posting

3. Encourage and Respond to Reviews

4. Utilize Google’s Booking and Messaging Features

Google Business Profile respond messages

5. Leverage Local SEO Best Practices

6. Use Q&A Section Wisely

Google Business Profile Use Q&A Section

7. Track Your Insights

Google Business Profile Insights Tracking

8. Promote Your Profile

9. Engage in Local Community

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly enhance the visibility and effectiveness of your Google Business Profile, helping to attract more customers and grow your business locally.

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