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If your website is your customer’s window into your world, your logo is the face of that world. When was the last time you took a close look at your logo? Right after it was created, and you used it for the first time. Part of creating a lasting impression is having a logo that is impactful. Your logo is part of your company image. A boring outdated logo makes the company look boring and outdated as well. That isn’t the impression you want to make on your potential customers, is it?

As part of your marketing strategy, you should regularly evaluate your logo. If you realize that yours needs an update, our graphic design team can help you with the refresh you need for your logo. The right logo can help you reimagine your marketing plan from letterhead to social media. The right logo will help get attention, not turn people away.

What makes a great graphic designer?

Some believe that creative geniuses are born, while others believe that creativity is a learned behavior. There may be good and bad habits but we can assure you, here at Digital Marketing Concepts, we have adapted the good behaviors needed to be a great graphic design company.

What’s our process like?

  • Communicate

    We always make sure we understand your plan and your end-goal. We will communicate with you and understand your brand more. It’s very helpful if you will have an end-goal in mind so that we can execute it properly on our end.

  • Drafts

    Creating drafts is important. Once we have a clear picture of what you have in mind, we will create and materialize your imagination. Our graphic design team will evaluate your feedback and we will present you our own concept. Throughout the process, we will be in constant communication with you.

  • Presentation

    Once we have created a couple of samples, this will be the time that you will provide feedback and we will make some changes based on your feedback. We aim for your 100% satisfaction, so we require your honest feedback to deliver the best output. This will also ensure that we will not leave out any details and corrections.

  • Final Output

    After all the editing and drafts, we will finalize everything and present you with the final output. We are confident enough that our output will attract more audience and not just that, you will gain more confidence in building your business as well! We don’t aim for mediocrity. We aim for excellence!

We offer stylish, creative, original concept designs
and graphics for the following:

Logos and Branding

Business Cards

Website Design

Design for Social Media

Design for Animation


Print Design

Typography Design

Packaging Design

Print Advertisements

Restaurant Menus


Our experienced team of graphic designers will deliver and show results. So if you are ready to talk to us for your non-obligatory consultation, call us on 239-244-2009! Digital Marketing Concepts will be ready to help you with your graphic design needs!

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