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While many companies in Florida have a web presence, many are incredibly outdated when it comes to communicating effectively with their prospects. Just as cars date, fashions change and house styles evolve, so do websites and our understanding of how best to communicate online. It would be fair to say that websites and technology change at 10 times the pace of everything else around them. If your website is dated and you are using dated communication strategies then it’s highly likely that you are losing customers. Because we trust websites that are clearly being looked after and loved, more so than websites that look like they haven’t been touched or updated.

DigitalMarketing Concepts is a digital marketing company in Florida that offers digital marketing services to help you and your company with your website design to make your business multifunctional.  So, how can website design affect your company?

1. It helps your business connect with customers in meaningful ways.

90% of consumers today expect a website to have a responsive website design components. These help answer questions and guide their decisions. Remember, over 70% of the customer’s interactions with you are now digital. A good website design lets you make the most of this digital piece of the customer’s relationship with your brand.

2. Increase the trust of customers

Each positive interaction with you gets a person a little more invested in your brand. In the beginning, money doesn’t even need to be involved.

Each time a person does something on your site, they feel rewarded.

It encourages them to keep going. They begin to feel that they may miss out if they stop now. An ordinary website doesn’t have this power.

An interactive website design does.

3. Increase conversion rates

A responsive website design engages your customers. It builds trust and interest without asking too much too soon. As their trust grows, they become a paying customer. It’s the logical next step.

On the other hand, an interactive website design will engage them more and entice them to stick around longer.

4. Improve personalization

Interactions not only engage. They can be measured. Interactions happen without the need for direct, day-to-day involvement with each potential customer. Spend more time and effort focusing on closing deals with highly-qualified leads.

While you do, your interactive website design automatically nurtures cold leads. Soon they become hot ones through personalization. Now, that’s how to maximize your small business budget and optimize your valuable time.

5. Solidify your business

When you connect with people through an interactive website design, you become a fixture in their lives. They come back to your website again and again because you add value to their lives. That’s even if they’re not yet a paying customer.

6.Teach customers about your business

Of great value to your brand is the potential of customers to learn through an interactive website design. Today’s consumers want information before they make a buying decision. They want to see full transparency. While they may want this, they want to get this information in a way that stimulates.

The micro-interactions found on interactive sites do just that.

7. Encourage sharing

When you provide a more meaningful experience, people want to share your site with others. They want others to get the same benefits. Or they want to be the first to “discover” your brand among their friends.

Sadly, most small businesses aren’t investing in responsive website design in  Fort Myers. They think it will be too expensive or hard to upkeep. They don’t have the in-house skills to develop a more helpful site. They think having a small business website is enough. Turn their misunderstanding into your competitive advantage. Connect with people in a modern way.

To learn more about how our team at Digital Marketing Concepts can help you build more interactivity into your website, contact us today.