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Discover How Pinterest Can Promote Your Business!

Pinterest marketing is a set of tactics that incorporate Pinterest into your business’s bigger social media marketing strategy to reach new audiences and grow awareness for your brands and products.

According to, social media marketers turn to the platform to:

In other words, using Pinterest for business is one way to reach potential customers.

As of 2021, Pinterest is the 11th largest social network in the world with 454 million active users each month.

How to Use a Business Pinterest Account | Fort Myers Marketing

Why Us Pinterest For Business?

1. Grow your audience

Reach new people and boost your online presence.

2. Increase traffic

Get more people to your site or store.

Increased Traffic With Pinterest

3. Drive conversions

Get help with goals like sign-ups and sales.

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

1. Distribute your content.

2. Build a community.

3. Educate customers.

4.Drive website traffic and boost online sales.

5. Use Instructographics

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

1. Sign up for a business account.

Pinterest for Marketing
Pinterest for Marketing

2. Choose the right categories for your content.

Pinterest for Marketing
Pinterest for Marketing

3. Use unique images and videos.

4. Leverage keywords.

5. Add hashtags to your content.

Pinterest for Marketing

6. Share your content on other social networks.

7. Follow, engage, and interact with other accounts.

Pinterest for Marketing

8. Use social media best practices.

9. Analyze your results.

Pinterest for Marketing

Pinterest for Marketing

Business Pinterest Account For Marketing and Brand Growth Conclusion

Social media marketing is important to build brand awareness and relationships with customers.  As a visual platform, it stands out because it acts like a visual search engine tailored to user interests. With the right strategy, Pinterest can improve your SEO, your customer outreach and help your business gain new fans. 

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