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If your website is your customer’s window into your world, Paid Advertising is often the vehicle that gets them to your world. Gone are the days where a simple yellow-pages ad or the occasional radio or tv commercial was all you needed to get new customers.

Since you found our pages, chances are good that you followed a paid advertisement, so you know firsthand that it works. If you have been on social media, looked up something on a search page, or used your smart phone recently, you have probably been bombarded with paid advertisements. Search engines and social media have ads that are hard to ignore. Have you noticed that once you search for something on the web, suddenly there are ads everywhere about that topic. That is the power of Redirect Ads.

What’s the role of Paid Advertisements in your business?

By definition “Pay-Per-Click” means that every time a user clicks on your ads, you pay a small fee. The amount of the fee depends on a number of factors. When your campaign is well planned, well designed, and the offer is attractive, you get a discount on the amount you pay. What does that really mean? More bang for your buck. Yes, you will pay a fee, but you earn much more than your competition. Isn’t that what business is about? Digital Marketing Concepts leverages their skill and their partnerships with major search engines to get you more Return on your Investment.

What DMC offers?

We are Google Premier Partner and a Yahoo/Bing Broker.

Our Process

  • Discovery

    We strive to understand where you are with pay-per-click and paid advertising. We connect with you to learn about your expectations so we can come into agreement.

  • Strategy

    Strategy is what we do. Our PPC team builds a strategy for the campaigns with a focus on keywords, landing pages, and performance. We always try our best to be in line with the rules and policies.

  • Creative

    Banner and textual ads are created with each keyword and audience in mind, with custom landing pages. We just don’t settle with stock photos. We make sure that our creatives are interesting and attractive.

  • Launch

    We use up-to-date tools and implement the campaigns to ensure accuracy on all fronts. Before we launch, our campaigns are reviewed for perfection to make sure that there will be no typos or errors.

  • Management

    We don’t just leave the campaigns alone. Our team continues to monitor ad performance to make adjustments based on preset guidelines and optimization. We continually make sure that we produce leads for you.

  • Reporting

    Unique reports are produced each month for each of our clients to show them the metrics and help them draw a meaningful conclusion.

We take pride in
what we do!

Our clients are always satisfied with our work, so if you are done thinking, act now! Call us on 239-244-2009 for your non-obligatory consultation! We will be ready for your Paid Advertising and PPC needs.

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