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Email newsletters are essential components of any effective email marketing campaign. It enables your brand to provide critical information with your subscribers while simultaneously promoting items and offering discounts. Sharing this kind of information will fundamentally aid in the development of better ties with your readers.  However, the most successful email marketers are those that adapt to the times.


Measure Your Performance

Email campaign statistics

Set realistic goal for your email campaign by learning the statistics above. This information give you an idea of how you stack up against your competitors and identify specific areas that require more attention. 

Here are some important email benchmarks that you need to pay attention to:


Personalize your emails through segmentation

Personalized emails have six-times higher transaction rates.  Email customization is a high-converting strategy that marketers should use more frequently. A hyper-personalized, micro-targeted campaign may work wonders for your firm.

Create segments that collect user preferences and activity, and then utilize this data to deliver targeted emails that address their most pressing needs or challenges. Among the email segmentation tactics are:

  1. Segmenting by age, sex, and location
  2. Using quizzes and surveys to understand where their interests lie
  3. Analyzing customer purchase history
  4. Mapping usage frequency
  5. Checking customer behavior on your app or website


Send at the Best Time

When it comes to marketing, timing is everything.

And as a beginner, you can rely on general practices for maximizing open rates, like:


Track the right metrics for your email marketing strategy

While open rates and click rates are the most significant and popular metrics to track, there are a few others that shouldn’t be ignored, like:
  1. Deliverability and delivery rate
  2. IP reputation – The IP reputation refers to the reputation of the email address
  3. Conversion rate and ROI
  4. Subscriber health


Never purchase an email list. Instead, create a healthy one with creative ads and enticing incentives.


Review your email list every 6-12 months and remove the ones that don’t open your emails.


Send contextual emails that incentivize users to open your emails. This is a surefire method to improve IP reputation.


Remember those subscriber’s emails who signed up for your emails but didn’t open them in the first round? Send them the same email again, but this time with a new and better subject line. You could also try sending emails at different times, making sure they are optimized, and so on, until your open rates go up. But wait 3–5 days before sending any email again.


Pay particular attention to the subject line!

email marketing percentage

Pay attention to the subject line in particular! Here are some helpful numbers: Only the subject lines of 69 percent of emails cause them to be marked as spam, and 35 percent of emails are opened because of their subject lines.
So a catchy subject line can be your friend and make your email stand out from all the others. Or it can be your worst enemy and send your message straight to the spam folder.

So if you wish to bump up your open rates, here are few catchy themes for you to try:

  1. Cut-to-the-chase/No-nonsense
  2. Funny one-liners
  3. Cliffhangers
  4. Clickbait-y titles
  5. Emotional
  6. FOMO/Scarcity
  7. Personal


Avoid SPAM Trigger Words

When writing your email subject lines, you want to avoid:

Here some of words you should not use:


Include Sender’s Name

One of the best email marketing tips for 2022 is to use a real person’s name and a non-generic email address in the sender field. It makes the email seem more real and helps you get to know your email clients better.


Create Irresistible Call to Action

Another element that is almost as important as a subject line is a call to action. A CTA tells the reader what exactly they need to do.


Reward Your Readers

Email marketing tips 101 says that the most important thing is to keep customers.

People who open your emails, click on links in them, or even share what’s in them are your best brand ambassadors. Find discounts and other ways to thank them for their time, loyalty, and participation.

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