Hiring Account Representatives

Digital Marketing Concepts is hiring Account Representatives for the following areas:  


If you are tired of the corporate grind of incentive selling, objective selling, and just tired of selling people what they don’t need just to make your sales quota; We may be the Work Environment For You.

At Digital Marketing Concepts, we value our clients and their goals. Our sales goals are not first at hand. We are business consultants and professionals. Our sales environment offers growth and long term relationship building with our clients.

At Digital Marketing Concepts, we don’t call them customers, we value them as clientele. Our company is expanding we are looking for Business Internet Consultants in Dallas Texas, Miami Florida, Sarasota Florida, Chicago Illinois, and Atlanta Georgia.

If you are looking to have a great work environment, where your efforts in working with your clients offer rewards that parallel your client’s success, then we are for you!

If you are a “Sales Representative” with the commission as your only motivation, then we are not for you.

Our compensation program is amazing, our commitment to our client’s success is above all.

With that said, where many corporate America companies reduce your commissions after the first year, we at Digital Marketing Concepts have quite a different philosophy. We are not going to penalize our team for a client staying on for over a year, we are going to reward you more.

We aren’t looking for a one-year client. We are looking for long term relationships for our clients’ business growth.